Now it's your turn to

Say Thanks.

Looks like you're ready to Say Thanks. Great news because we're ready too.

So, if you are welcoming new hires, celebrating teams or engaging prospects, we've got you covered.

Teams come in all shapes and sizes and so do our Boxes.

The Best Sellers

Our most popular gift boxes, perfect for any occasion.

Gift by Occasion

Gift boxes for birthdays, new hires or awards & events.


Build Your Own Box. For teams of 25+ you can design your own.

The Best Sellers

Perfect for sales campaigns, team rewards & treats.

The Sustainable Set

An eco conscious gift

The Sweet Tooth

An indulgent treat, ideal for remote events.

The Comfy Kit

A luxurious gift, where less is more.

Gifting by Occasion

New hires, awards & birthdays. We've got you covered.

The New Hire Kit

Give your new staff the office upgrade they need to make them feel welcome with these stylish and practical gifts.

The Birthday Box

Take the hassle our of team birthdays with our Buy Now Send Later solution for birthdays. Gifts to suit teams and budgets of all shapes and sizes.

Welcome Aboard

The perfect partner for customer onboarding, thoughtful & customised gifts.

Build Your Own Box

Looking for something a bit different? Why not get your creative juices flowing and design your own Box of Happiness.

With more than 50 products to choose from and lots of bespoke design options, we've got all you need to give your team the unique and memorable gifts they deserve.

Simply drop your details below to download our BYOB Brochure and Order Form. We'll also email you a copy just in case.